Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shall we dance?

Two important things observed on this blustery day. Hive 1 (the one on the left as I look from the house) is abuzz with comings and goings. Hive 2, pretty quiet. Some of the girls in hive 1 are returning to the hive with pollen--not too many pollen bearers and with only one pollen basket stuffed (oddly, only on their left hind legs), but the tiny nuggets of golden pollen are starting to be brought back to the hive. This is very good news because it means they are feeding brood. The queen is laying and A's Bees will be increasing in population. When I open the hive next week I should be able to see eggs and developing larvae.

The second important observation is one of the girls is doing a waggle dance, one of two kinds of communicative bee dances performed by a forager who has found something worth sharing with her sisters. It could be about nectar, pollen or water, but this particular dance is telling them it is at a distance from the hive. She is dancing above the front door/landing pad of the hive.

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